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AH Web Solutions is a forefront online test management portal development company in Bhubaneswar. Traditional method of paper-based examination is costing high. As India is marching towards digitalization, internet-based online examination is becoming one of the most effective and easy solutions of conducting tests. One of the major advantage of online exam system is that it saves a lot of valuable time of examiner to evaluate the answers and display the results. This is the most time and effort consuming process in conducting an exam. As we are the leading online examination portal development company in Odisha, our vision is to provide online examination portal to institutions desiring to provide online examination to students. The main benefit of this online test portal is that you don't have to wait days and days to get the result. You will get the report very soon after submitting the assigned examination.
Online Test Management Portal | Online Examination System

Major Benefits for Students

  • Save your time
  • Most questions are multiple choice
  • No chance of losing examination paper
  • Result within a minute
  • No chances of question paper leak
  • No malpractice
  • Facility of analysis to each questions
  • Student can give exam online from there panel
  • Privilege User Can take backup of data

Benefits for Organization

  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Auto evaluation
  • Easy monitoring
  • Advanced dashboard with multiple excellent statistics and widget
  • Admin or Teacher can manage question Group
  • Manage and track all students information
  • Administrator can manage system every settings options from this module system settings and many more
  • Manage and track all teachers information
  • Manage and track all parents information
  • Manage and track all students information

Benefits for Society

  • Good impact on Environment as no paper is used
  • No illegal activities as it is auto evaluated

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