The control panel is very easy to use. We will assist you in every step.

Its very easy like sending email.

Normal Route : Normal Gateways are commonly used for marketing purpose and sending non-critical bulk messages. Its very cheap when compared to Priority routes.
Priority Route : Priority routes are commonly used for sending real time critical messages.Priority route is little costly than Normal route.

160 Characters including space are counted as one SMS. You can send longer messages using a process called concatenation. We use speacial characters to join the SMS together and deliver them as one message.
This is the break down.
Number of SMS Characters
1 = 160
2 = 306
3 = 459
4 (Maximum) = 621

Yes, we charge for each SMS sent, not each message sent.
If you send 10 messages that are 160 characters and under (1 SMS) in length, you will be charged for 10 message
If you send 10 messages that are 306 characters and under (2 SMS) in length, you will be charged for 20 messages

Yes, each line break, space and carriage return adds to your character count.
1 space = 1 character
1 line break = 2 characters

1 SMS credit is needed to send 1 SMS
1 SMS Credit = 160 Characters = 1 SMS

You can track your remaining SMS Credits just by logging into your account.

Yes normally we provide one year for small users and two years for medium users. We extend validity on addition of any pack and carry forward the balace credit.

As long as you have sufficient SMS Credits in your account you can send SMS

Buy credits online by login into your account or Just make the payment and email us,your account will be credited within few minutes

You can check the delivery status of every message in your control panel. You can also export detailed report in csv format.

Delivery reports are dependant on the operator server, which takes few seconds to few hours.

As per TRAI it is 6 pure alphabet. In our panel no approval needed for sender id. You can create your own. Do not use restricted sender ids.

Mobile numbers which are registered with NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry are called DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers.

Yes you can integrate the API's with your website taking help of a developer and also you can use it in desktop application but internet connection is required to send SMS.

Why Demo? Sign up at for your own fully functioning account for free with 10 free promotional SMS credits. Once you are satisfied,then more credits can be added/purchased.

You have the option to add sms credits using the inbuilt payment gateway, pay by cash at our office, Cheque/DD or Online Transfer.